Closeboard Featheredge Fencing
Oak closeboard  fencing Softwood closeboard fences
Oak and Softwood Closeboard Fencing from Orlestone Oak Closeboard minimum and maximum sizes
Close board fencing in graded oak, pressure-treated softwood, douglas fir or larch
Full range of fixings, tools and treatments
Complimentary solid oak gates and gate posts
Friendly knowledgable staff - please phone to discuss your project
Immediate delivery of standard sizes
Heights from 900 mm to 2.4 m high, and bays from 1.5 to 3 m
Close Boarde Fencing explained
Orlestone's close boarded fencing is constructed using timber posts with a gravel board fixed between at ground level. Arris rails are fitted between the posts (the number will depend on the height of the fence) and feather-edged panels are fixed in a vertical position to the arris rails. The feather-edged boards are then finished at the top with a capping rail.

For posts to be visible from the front of the fence, posts can be supplied already morticed, ready to accept the tennoned arris rails. The featheredge board is then fixed flush between the posts.

For continuous fencing, cleats will be needed so that the arris rails can be fixed proud of the posts. The feather edge boards can then be fitted in a continuous overlapping manner.

Visible posts CLoseboard fencing with visible oak fence posts
Continuous feather-edged boards Continuous feather eadge closeboard fencing

Because closeboard fencing is not supplied in panels, both the the visible post and continuous design are ideally suited to sloping ground.

Sloping land fance Fencing following land contour
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