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Oak and Yellow Balau Decking March 2011
Orlestone Oak manufacture and supply all the components necessary for constructing hardwood decking in either solid oak or yellow balau. Both of these hardwoods are ideal for external timber construction and can be left untreated to weather-down to a natural dark or silvered colour, or can be stained and treated in a variety of finishes.

A carefully planned decking area can become an integral part of your lifestyle and will last for many years. It will prove to be a popular home improvement that will not only add value to your home, but will provide a focal point for outdoor enjoyment. Orlestone Oak will help you to carefully consider the design elements of your deck so that it complements your environment and matches your lifestyle.

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Planning your deck
Your deck can become an extension to your home, an additional garden area, or a combination of both.

If you entertain frequently you may want to consider an area for relaxing or eating. Will you need some cover to shade you from the sun or, particulalry in the UK, protect you from the rain? Will you need lighting and heating? Do you want to incorporate a barbeque area?

Building a deck can also make much more use of other areas of your property. The far end of your garden may be an ideal place where you can relax with a view of your home. Decking around a pond or stream will make these areas much more accessible and accommodating.

You can also add walkways, privacy screening, baulastrades or raised areas which may allow you to situate your decking in areas where you had not previoulsy considered suitable.

If possible, size your deck based on the widths and lengths that Orlestone can supply. You can then plan your deck around these dimensions; there's no point in wasting material when you could have a larger deck for the same amount of money. Please contact us for our current stock.

There are many ways that decking can be used:

  • Alternative to a patio
  • Pond edging
  • Cooking/dining area
  • Play area for children
  • Sun deck
  • Swimming pool surround
  • Hot-tub perimeter
  • Flooring for balconies
  • Conservatory extension
  • Walkway
  • Raised garden area
  • Raised platform
  • Verandah
A solid oak decking platform constructed over a large garden pond. Decking used as a floor to this Orlestone Oak gazebo built to protect a hot-tub.
Oak decking supplied by Orlestone Oak, was used to construct this unusully shaped balcony. Handrails and baulastrades are an ideal way to complete a raised platform or decking project.

You deck does not have to be square or rectangular in shape. For example, a 45-degree angle at a corner can break up areas with long, straight walls or other features. Trees can be surrounded by contoured decking, or garden architecture can be put on plinths built in to a reinforced deck.

The height of the deck can also be variable. A raised decking area would help to maximise a panoramic view from your garden, or will add depth and dimension to a formal garden.

On sloped ground you could build a stepped or terraced deck with slight variation between levels, or with a little more groundwork, you could build a level decking area accessed by a matching oak staircase.

Spas or hot tubs can be either set in concrete and a deck can be built around it, or the deck can be reinforced to accept the extra weight.

Building regulations
Please check that your deck is built to current building regulations. Decks above a certain height may need footings and extra strengthening, railings have to be constructed with specific measurements for support posts and railings, and steps and staircases have theri own sets of regulations.

Structural Components

The basic components of a typical deck:

  • Vertical posts set into concrete to ensure stability of the deck.
  • Softwood joists are fixed to the posts.
  • Decking boards are attached to the joists.
  • The edges af the deck are finished with a plinth.
Decking profiles
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Oak sleepers
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